Pre Arrangement

PRE-ARRANGING FOR PEACE OF MIND. Dahl Funeral Chapel has been dealing with grief stricken families at the time of death for many years. We have worked hard through our services, staff and values to lessen the burden of death as much as possible. We consider our conduct in the details and arrangements of the funeral rites as a sacred trust.

Today, many people are recognizing that funeral pre-arrangement is a demonstration of love and consideration. It is a thoughtful decision that relieves the bereaved family from the unnecessary stress of indecision and uncertainty. We have compiled information for your use in pre-planning funeral arrangements. This will provide a very helpful beginning to your peace of mind.

Without cost or obligation, we will also explain how funding the pre-arranged service can be accomplished by either a Bank Trust Preneed Funeral Contract or an Insurance Preneed Funeral Contract. These two funding programs can be set up as irrevocable, and is suitable for asset sheltering when considering SSI, Medical Assistance eligibility, or when entering a nursing home.


In Person
We would be honored to visit with you. Please call us at (406) 248-8807 to make arrangements with one of our caring directors.

The online pre-planning form was designed to allow us to gather basic information about you and your desired funeral service. If you would like to plan your service in its entirety, please use the links below to begin our pre-plan.

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